Donna Edwards Leadership Project Discussion

The Honorable Donna Edwards, U.S. Congresswoman (2008–2017) visited the Wake Forest School of Business on March 23, 2017 as part of The Leadership Project.

Edwards is an alum of Wake Forest and the first African-American woman ever elected to congress.

She discussed her background and what factors led to her developmental journey. Highlights of her main points include:

  • Growing up in a military family, with good parent role models, instilled in her solid values and a strong service ethic.
  • Leaders need to be authentic by finding and pursuing their purpose and passions.
  • Perseverance and resilience are key strengths that help leaders adapt and grow from adversity.
  • Leaders need to build a support team to assist in their development and bolster them as they work through adversity.
  • Be open to and learn from different job assignments and/or jobs–they are part of the developmental journey.

The Leadership Project invites leader to Wake Forest to share personal principles, triumphs, and challenges. In turn, students and guests from the community will consider their own humanity, values, and skills, and learn how to channel them in meaningful ways.