Ethical Hero or Ethical Villain: A Psychological Perspective

On Tuesday, September 26, 2017, Robert Folger, Ph.D., Distinguished Alumni Endowed Professor of Business Ethics and Pegasus Professor at University of Central Florida, visited Wake Forest School of Business as a guest lecturer in two BEM365 classrooms followed by lunch with six organizational behavior (OB) faculty, a faculty colloquium, and evening with the Winston Salem MBA MGT8111 class.

Dr. Folger engages in research on motivation including such topics as determinants and consequences of ethical decision-making practices. His 140 publications have been cited over 25K times as his significant body of research continues to reinforce his importance as a luminary in the field of ethical research.

His classroom and colloquium sessions explored how psychological factors in a situation can influence one to behave like an ethical hero or an ethical villain. Through a series of field studies, he explores seemingly contradictory behavior in a broad context including his original “deonance” framework for understanding conflicting behavior relating to moral norms.

Hosted by the Center for Leadership and Character and visiting at the special invitation of Dr. Sean Hannah, Dr. Folger offered compelling glimpses into his ongoing research and enthusiastically involved students, faculty, and staff in his experimental process including engaging several faculty individually to discuss future research collaborations. Dr. Folger expressed gratitude for the appreciation of his current research on moral norms and says he looks forward to his next visit to Wake Forest.

Please click on the link to view the faculty colloquium session video: