MSBA Students Explore Leadership and Build Teams in an Amazing Race

On Monday, August 14, 2017, the Center for Leadership and Character hosted the 2018 MSBA class for leadership and team building activities including the Amazing Race. In this activity, teams work together to perform tasks at various checkpoints across campus under time constraints to learn more about communicating and making effective leadership decisions under pressure. Awards were given for the team finishing the course the fastest and the team with the most creative approach to photographing their checkpoints. (See photos in the gallery below.)

The race was part of a half day of activities and exercises including conflict management and assertive communication role plays and processes. Among other takeaways, students discussed how self-management of emotions during times of conflict and stress can lead to conflict resolution including:

  • Expanding collaboration
  • Accepting compromise
  • Being willing to see others’ perspectives
  • Being open to experimenting with solutions
  • Leveraging conflict to try new directions in communication and personal interaction

The day wrapped up with the teams working through the basics of a team charter to set themselves up for success with their upcoming leadership practicum. Students were also directed to the Center for Leadership and Character resources where a dedicated “student” page offers tools and worksheets in downloadable pdf and Word documents.