Video: Teammates for Life: Leveraging the Positive Power of Peer Networks

On Monday, April 16th, 2018, the Center for Leadership and Character, the Wake Forest Mental Health association and other campus partners co-sponsored former major league pitcher, John Trautwein, to speak to student athletes, staff, and faculty with a message of hope and strength.

After losing his teenaged son, Will, to suicide in 2010, Trautwein started the Will to Live Foundation to encourage young people to talk to each other and serve as Teammates for Life as they go through challenges in all areas of academics and life.

Setting a tone of positivity and hope, Trautwein shared strategies for developing resilience and a growth mindset including the point that ten percent of an experience is what happened and ninety percent is how you react to it. Modern life puts so much stress on teens, athletes, and students, and Trautwein’s message emphasized how adults need to be aware of the stresses young people face and help them learn coping strategies and ways to bounce back from not measuring up no matter whether it is in academics, sports, or not measuring up to the high goals you’ve set for yourself.

For the full talk, please follow the link to view the video.