Enhance a Course

Enhance lead ethically and personal strengths development in students within existing classroom activities.

The more opportunities students have to develop their ability to lead ethically and exhibit personal strengths, the more prepared they will be for success.

Consider the ideas and activities within this resource area to enrich existing activities in your course and to demonstrate your own qualities to deeply engage and inspire students.

Most activities take 10 to 50 minutes to deliver in class. Add the activities to the syllabus to best prepare students and to place their learning and experience within the course context.

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Plan a Course

Honorable Part 1: Course Planning Interactive Module

Honorable Part 2: Course Delivery Interactive Module

Class Planning Worksheet

Add Quick Wins to Syllabus:

Sample Honor Statements for Syllabus

Sample Verbiage for Creating an Ethical Class Culture

Explore Leadership Development Activities

Sample Leadership Role Play Activities

Sample In Class Debate Activities

Sample Situational Business Exercise

Sample Mentor Assignments

Explore Ethical Decision-Making Activities

Instructor Notes for Leveraging Existing Case Studies

Instructor Notes for Ethical and Leadership Role Play

Instructor Notes for Processing Ethical Aspects of Current Events

Explore Team Activities

Instructor Notes for “VUCA” In Class Activities

Sample Team Led Class Activity

Instructor Notes for Leveraging Student Team Experiences

Additional Resources: CLC Research Focus

CLC Research Focus and Honorable Research Questions for Faculty

Additional Resources: Ethical Leadership

Ethical Leadership Overview and Activities

Additional Resources: Conflict Resolution

Conflict Management Handouts

Practical Exercise Conflict Management Approach