Community Business Leaders Coaching Program

The Community Business Leaders Coaching Program has a mission to train and maintain a bench of local community business leaders to perpetually assist all business school academic programs in conducting team level coaching to support the Team Member Assessment.

A pilot of this program was launched in Spring 2016 in which 17 local business leaders were trained and five performance coaching sessions were conducted with student teams.

The value propositions for support of this program include:

  • An opportunity to engage in students’ development and connect with the School of Business
  • Increased opportunities to stay engaged with the School of Business
  • Training provided for mid-level leaders in effective performance coaching practices
  • Potential for mentor relationships to continue after the coaching experience
  • Exposure to pool of student talent for future growth and success of the organizations of alumni

For more information about this program, please contact Shellie Ritzman at or 336-758-4855.


We are currently accepting new coaches!

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