Team Leadership Tools and Resources

Accelerate bottom line results and long term impact with resources to build and lead high performing teams.

Before a team can reach effective performance, it needs to work out how the members contribute to the goals and how the team operates in face-to-face, virtual, or global environments.

Once the team is operating, diagnostic tools help teams navigate through difficulties and capitalize on strengths. Through enhancing team development, leaders operate from higher forms of leadership while demonstrating character.

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Gain an Overview

A Process to Build and Lead High Performing Teams Interactive Module

A Process to Build and Lead High Performing Teams Quick Reference Guide

Build & Lead the Team

Team Charter Worksheet 20July18GENBUS

Team Charter Worksheet 18July18ATHTM

Leading Effective Meetings Planning Guide and Worksheet

Download Team Performance Tools

Five Dysfunctions of a Team Interactive Tool

Sample Problem Solving Worksheet

18 Ways Teams Lose Time Worksheet

Download Additional Team Resources

10 Surprising Facts About High Performing Teams Infographic

7 Differences Between High and Low Performing Teams Infographic

21 Ways to Deliver Tough Messages Infographic

How to Give Feedback Worksheet

How to Receive Feedback Worksheet

DASR Communication Process Worksheet

Download Additional Team Performance Coaching Resources

Team Performance Coaching Overview

Team Performance Coaching Reference Sheet

Sample Coaching Session Agenda and Script

Sample Project Timeline

Team Development Action Plan Worksheet

Suggested Reflection Questions for Team Coaching