Senior Isra Al Hashimi Attends US Naval Academy Leadership Conference

Isra Al Hashimi, a Business and Enterprise Management major, attended the 2024 US Naval Academy Leadership Conference: Learning to Lead: The Lifelong Pursuit of Excellence.  “It was an honor to attend the conference and engage in many discussions around finding our why when we are leading.” 

Isra brought home several key takeaways from the experience, perhaps most memorably the quote: Blessed are those who plant trees under whose shade they will never sit.  “As leaders, we need to have the mindset of planting seeds in people and leaving an impact rather than looking for immediate results.”  Other takeaways include how we can show humility through genuine curiosity about the members of our team, and that through giving ourselves grace, we can find resilience.

A highly impactful point was made at the conference concerning accountability.  “I learned how we can still show care while holding people accountable for their work.”  Another meaningful discussion was around conflicting ethics.  “As civilians, we have the choice to say no to work that contradicts our values or ethics.  This gave me a deeper commitment to treating people with respect when I am in leadership positions, and to align my values with the values of the organization as much as I can.”

Isra highly recommends attending the conference to learn more about leadership and action.