Deacon Leader System

Expanding Wake Forest sports leader capabilities and confidence to be effective in leadership roles
on the field and in life.

Our Vision: Developing Champions
Our Core Value: Leadership

The Wake Forest Deacon Leader System (piloted in 2017 as the Sports Leader Development System) is flexible, simple, hands-on, engaging, fun, and an efficient use of time.

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Sports Leader Development System Highlights

Deacon Sports Leader Model

Deacon Leader Development Model

Team Charter Worksheet

Team Charter Worksheet ATHTM

For Students

Building and Leading High Performing Teams

Build High Performing Teams for Captains

Session 1 Building High Performing Teams Sports Captains Sweeney

Gerras and Clark Effective Team Leadership

High Performing Teams Interactive Module Launch Page SLDS

Session 1 Notes_Building High Perf Teams

Character: The Foundation of Leadership

Character The Foundation of Leadership

Character The Foundation of Leadership for Sports Captains Sweeney

Ethical Leadership Self-Rating

Moral Conation Questionnaire Self Rating

Values Worksheet With Leader Role

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Resource

Emotional Intelligence Sports Captains Sweeney 11July17

Leaders Emotional Intelligence Reference Card

Goleman 1998 What Makes a Leader

Christensen – How Will You Measure Your Life

Managing Conflict to Support Team Growth

Managing Conflict Fall Sports Captains

Managing Conflict_Spring Sports Leaders_Sumanth

Engaging in Challenging Conversations

Difficult Conversations Fall Sports Captains

Leader Influence, Power and Motivation

Leader Influence Power and Motivation

Leader Influence and Power-Hannah

Exemplary, Inspirational Leadership

Inspirational Leadership-Hannah

Managing Stress and Building Resilience

Leader Stress and Resilience Reference Guide

Stress and Resilience PowerPoint

Robbins and Judge Reading on Stress

Kevin Hart Goes Big Case Reading On Resilience

Leading People Who Are Different From You

Leading People Who Are Different for Sports Captains Sweeney

The Big “C” Leader: Organizational Culture

Organizational Culture Reference

Peer Mentoring

Creating Your Leadership Philosophy

Developing a Leadership Philosophy Interactive Tool Launch Page

Developing a Leadership Philosophy Overview

For Coaches


Leader Development Coaches Program Sweeney

Bennis and Thomas (2002) Crucibles of Leadership Course Reading

Goal Approach Assessment

Leader Development Journey Line Worksheet

Character: The Foundation of Leadership

Character Coaches Program Hannah

Emotional Intelligence

Christensen – How Will You Measure Your Life

Session 3 EI Coaches Sweeney ex