Student Athlete Leadership Panel

Student Athlete Leadership Panel moderated by Dr. Kenny Herbst, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Business Program. Join the following distinguished Alumni Deacon Athlete Panelists for a conversation about leadership lessons learned:

Kelly Dostal, Director of Inside Sales, Dell Technologies
Kreg Rotthoff, Sales, Manager, Blackbaud
Amogh Prabhkar, Vice President, Barclays Capital

Leadership Insights

  • Continuous Improvement
    • Being effective in crisis
    • Be innovative when you are ahead – invest in your strengths
    • Share your ideas for change
    • Culture has to value learning and improvement
    • Always question how you do things and change as environment does
    • Ensure you bring in diversity and create a climate of inclusion
  • Leading change
    • Lead by example
    • Reward behavior supports change
    • You must earn people’s trust
    • Be sure to communicate the reason for change
  • Advice for Student-Athletes
    • Need to know who you are and your leadership style
    • Be accountable, approachable, and respectful (not necessarily liked)
    • Be authentic to yourself
    • Use role models to learn about leadership
    • Lead by example
    • Give credit to people for success and take the heat for failures
    • Uplift your teammates, help them see and realize potential
  • Great Leadership Challenge
    • Motivating people to bring their full potential to the mission– everyone is unique and need to change leader behavior
    • Getting people to align on goals and give all to achieve them
    • Identify poor performers or unethical people and invite them off the team
    • Support boss’ vision and plan by communicating as your plan
  • Shaping Ethical Culture
    • Set expectations for behavior – code of conducted – each quarter
    • Leaders need to check on ethical behavior
    • Clearly outline values
    • Model core values
    • Be aware of potential blind-spot with exceptionally talented people
  • Balancing Desire to Be Right vs. Being Liked
    • Set the example to earn respect and credibility
    • Chose the right behavior that will move the team forward
  • Encourage Honest and Transparent Communication
    • Provide people a forum to provide feedback
    • Model transparent communication and good listening skills
    • Seek feedback from others
    • Conducted regular development counseling sessions and focus on what person can do to get better
    • Be open to receiving feedback and take action on the feedback or close the loop if not actioning feedback
  • How Did You Get Your First Job Out of Wake
    • Inventory strengths and interests and look for job in that area
    • Take risk and apply for a role out of comfort zone
    • Being an athlete makes you highly competitive candidate (coachability, GRIT, Goal oriented, work ethic, high performer, confident, decision-making under pressure, use to working in team, resilience, ability to learn from failure, adaptability, learning mindset)
    • Ensure athletics is just one part of you – do not just focus on athletics
  • Leadership Regrets from College Days
    • Holding a friend accountable – be direct and confront immediately
    • Make the best decisions at the time, reflect, and learn
  • Who was Your Leadership Role Model?
    • Coaches (e.g., Averill)
    • Teammates
    • Seek mentors who you respect in your organization